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Courses & Services

One2One Courses

Private classes that offer students an opportunity to explore the many different aspects of language. Our teachers will guide the student through the obstacles of communicating in another language

Group Courses

Group course that will allow students to practice conversational skills under the guidance of our teachers. We will look at communicating in social situations and the relationship between Questions & Answers.


We can help you translate your company’s message or marketing material. We understand the idea of nuance and how to translate a message and concepts rather than just words.

Online Courses

The world is changing and so are we. The technology available today allows us to craft tailor made courses with content created and curated to your needs and interests. Why not try our effective personalised approach.

Explore The World

Now more than ever it is essential to understand the world around us and adapt to a globally interconnected society. Learning a new language can be a gateway to entire new fields of discovery. 

Info on Data & trends

In 2018, 65% of US millennials said they chose their jobs because of personal and professional development opportunities.

Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) are key trends that could drive the e-learning sector forward in the next couple of years.

E-learning increases learning retention rates by between 25% and 60%.

43% of US college students found digital study technologies extremely helpful for doing homework.

81% of US college students agreed that digital learning technology was helping them improve their grades.

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